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Mine Over Matter by Kai Andersen

Mine Over Matter by Kai Andersen
Mind Games, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 1-59998-165-3
Reviewed by Georgia

Down on her luck after a failed relationship, Holly Donovan turns to an old schoolmate for help.  Becky Feldman goes above and beyond what Holly expects, especially considering how mean Holly was to her in school.  Yet Becky offers her a job as an assistant to her nephew Warren as well as lodging in their large, mansion-like house.  Holly remembers Warren and the fact that she had a crush on the boy that is several years younger than she and Becky.  Yet time changes everyone and in Warren’s case for the better.  The hunk became a God!

Mistaking Holly for a servant, Warren brusquely orders her to take his dirty laundry.  Of course, Holly smarts off and sparks fly between them… setting the tone for their relationship.  As they get to know each other, Holly and Warren face many situations.  First is Holly’s past and a man who hurt her so completely that she’s convinced love is not for her.  Then there’s the little matter of Warren’s special telekinetic abilities and the fact that he hates them.  Last but not least are the strange accidents that have befallen Holly recently.  Could someone be targeting the Feldman’s and those that they care about?

Mine Over Matter is a suspense-filled story with quite a lot going on. The characters are likable and fairly well developed.  Holly is leery of a relationship especially so soon after being burned by her ex.  Warren is a man used to getting what he wants and he wants Holly!  Both of these characters learn to deal with issues from their past, especially when danger begins to stalk them.  For Holly it was the issue of a real relationship and caring.  For Warren it was his telekinesis and the ridicule he had to deal with as a child.  These two really grown as characters which I love to see in a book.  The chemistry between them is explosive and very well described, making for some very steamy scenes. I do wish there has been more information about the villain and just why he was after the Feldman’s and their unique abilities but perhaps that will be better explained in future stories… stories I can’t wait to get my hands on!


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