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Midnight Whispers by Anisa Damien
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 1-60088-032-0
Reviewed by Klarissa

After a disastrous six month marriage Joie Reese is finally getting her life back on track.  She works at a radio station and hosts the nightly Midnight Whispers talk show.   Her boss hands her a tape that is sure to up the ratings, but Joie finds that the sexy voice on the recording is too much to resist.  Also, her thoughts keep going to the man who once use to be her friend ‘with benefits’.  Leo has always been close in her thoughts and now with his return she finds out that there could be more than benefits to their relationship and he came back for her.

Midnight Whispers is a quick story that gets straight to the excitement.  Joie is a sexy woman who just needs the right man in her life.  Leo will make you sigh and pant with the way he swoops in and knows what he wants.  Joie.  These two light up the pages and will keep you entertained.  Ms. Damien is a wonderful storyteller and Midnight Whispers will take you on a romantic ride that will leave you satisfied in the end. 


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