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McIntyre and Coventry by Lisa Andel
Special Investigations, Book 1
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-297-4
Reviewer: Melissa

T.J. Coventry has been in love with her business partner, werewolf Rand McIntyre, forever.  Except for the time he took her virginity years ago, it appears heís never seen her as anything more than a friend.  He spends more time in bed with other women than he does working and T.J. has had enough.  Itís time she got out and played the same game that Rand is.  Rand has always wanted T.J., but her five brothers were rather explicit about what they would do to him if he touched her again. Rand canít believe that T.J. is acting like she is, and Rand is now determined to claim his woman...no matter the cost.

McIntyre and Coventry grabbed my attention in the first chapter with a great story premise, a man who has kept himself away from the woman he loves and a woman who is fed up seeing the man sheís in love with constantly with other women.  But from there the story quickly collapses into a rather undefined mess.  When T.J. claimed that she was going to be like RandÖshe wasnít kiddingĺthe only men she didnít have sex with in the story were her brothers.  However, truthfully, I could have recovered from that, after all, Rand had hurt her for years with other women, regardless if he meant to or not.  A little payback would have gone right along with the story and even if I wasnít enthralled, I would have been happy.  But when Ms. Andel introduces Randís ex-girlfriend and has Rand almost cheat (the only reason he didnít is because he got caught) AFTER they commit to each other and after all Randís protests that T.J. could trust him now because he was through with that life, the emotional satisfaction I look for in romance was completely leeched out of the story in three short pages.  Lisa Andel definitely has potential but unfortunately McIntyre and Coventry is one story that readers who are looking for a paranormal romance should avoid.


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