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Lord and Master by Rebecca Ruger
Forbidden Publications
Historical Romance
ISBN: none assigned
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Heather Castell is a simple chambermaid working in an English countryside inn when she meets Michael, Earl of Benedict, and they become fast friends.  Refusing all offers of help and money, Heather is content to be the older manís friend and confidant.  Time passes and the two are very close when a month goes by and Heather doesnít hear anything from him.  When a man walks into the inn claiming to be the Earl of Benedict, Heather knows something has happened to her friend and becomes distraught. 

Zachary canít believe his father allowed himself to be duped by a maid but sets out anyway to give the woman the news of his fatherís demise as well as her part of his inheritance that his father left her. What he finds makes his heart pound and his palms sweat.  Heather Castell is no simple maid, she is extraordinary and Zach finds he wants her for his very own. 

Zach doesnít count on Heatherís refusal to utilize his hospitality nor does Heather count on falling in love. 

Lord and Master is extremely poignant and very touching.  I grieved for Heatherís friend right along with her and I found myself angered at Zachís attitude but I couldnít blame him.  Heather was someone he didnít know and the thought that she might have insinuated herself into his fatherís life and bedroom was just not an option that Zach wanted to think about.


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