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Just One Of Those Flings (Merry Widows Trilogy, Book 2) by Candice Hern
Signet Eclipse
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 0-451-21920-1
Reviewed by Nannette

Gabriel, the Marquis of Thayne, has come back to England after being in India for years.  He needs a bride and intends to find someone suitable, but for now, he is looking for a possible mistress.  When he spots lovely women dressed as  "Artemis" at a masquerade he decides that he must have her.

Beatrice, Lady Somerfield, is attending a masquerade as chaperone for her niece Emily.  Beatrice is very aware of the masked man who keeps staring at her, so when he asks her to dance she is a willing partner.  Beatrice and the masked stranger are quickly swept off the dance floor and into each other’s arms for a passionate interlude in the garden.  Afterwards, Beatrice is embarrassed and flees, but Thayne is determined to find out who she is.

Emily sets her sights on Lord Thayne for a husband.  When Thayne discovers that Emily's Aunt Beatrice is his "Artemis” he is thrilled.  Beatrice is not though.  The man she would eagerly take as a lover may be her niece's future husband.   Thayne will not be deterred though. He insists he will find a way for them to be together.  Beatrice just wants a lover, but Thayne wants more.

Just One Of Those Flings is a very romantic and sensual story.  Beatrice is a beautiful woman who is refreshingly independent.  Thayne's seductive charm would be very hard to resist.  In Just One Of Those Flings, love is found unexpectedly in the throws of passion.  It's a delightfully sensuous story.


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