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Ironic by Pamela Leigh Starr
Love Found Series, Book 4
Genesis Press
Contemporary Interracial Romance
ISBN: 1-58571-168-3
Reviewed by Nikita Steele

How ironic is it to deeply care about something you once proclaimed to hate the most?  Well, just ask Travis Labranch, Jr.  Here’s his story…

Determined to prevent his cousin from making the worse mistake of her life by marrying someone outside of her race, TJ (Travis) quickly hopped on a plane to his cousin’s house. Before he could make it to his destination, TJ crashed his plane while flying through a massive snow storm somewhere in the Smoking Mountains.  After being unconscious for an unknown amount of time TJ awakened to an injured body, temporary blindness and no recollection of who he was.  The only thing that saved his sanity was the sweet, alluring voice of Teresa, his caretaker, as she read to him each night.  During his recovery, Trey (the name Teresa used) and Teresa fell in love and planned on building a life together.  But then, Trey began to experience terrible, cruel memories from his racist past that involved his continuous harassment of Teresa’s family. 

Will Trey be able to maintain a hold on Teresa’s love and win over her family by proving that he is now a changed man and he is no longer the bigot that he used to be?

With Ironic Pamela Leigh Starr has written an unthinkable, dramatic conclusion to her Love Found saga.  The one person who wrenched so much havoc to various members of the Lewis family, because of his chauvinistic hatred, has now found himself caught up in the rapture of love with an African American woman who just happens to be a Lewis.  Now, how ironic is that!  As much as I hated Travis’ evil, prejudiced ways during the first three novels, I can truly say that he successfully redeemed himself in my eyes and it was easier to see him as a new, likable person (Trey) in Ironic.  It is simply amazing what the power of love can do to a person.  As a couple, Teresa and Trey compliment each other very well.  As Ironic progressed, I witnessed the growth of their friendship and the depth of their love for each other.  Overall, I was greatly pleased with how Ms. Starr managed to craft a wonderful romantic ending to such a superb series.  Well Done!


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