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I Put A Spell On You - Click for large version

I Put a Spell on You by Cassandra Curtis
Amber Quill Press
Erotic Fantasy
ISBN: 1-59279-586-2
Reviewed by Gracie

Sebastian Matthews has moved back to Meredith Falls after being away for several years.  He hoped the distance would make a difference, but he is still in love with Tess Warner and she still seems to hate him.

Tess Warner cannot believe that Sebastian is back and she keeps trying to convince herself that she is not attracted to him.  Tess and her sister, Mia, run a successful business and she is happy with her life.  Okay, she may not have a love life but otherwise she is doing just great.

For as long as he can remember, Sebastian has wanted Tess, but she has never given him the time of day.  Sebastian knew the rumors about Tess and her family was true; they are witches!  Years ago in desperation, Sebastian stole a spell book and tried to cast a spell to make Tess want him.  The spell backfired and it seemed everyone wanted him except Tess.  Now that he is back, Sebastian has decided to find the spell book and try again.  Will Tess finally notice him and will they find the love that Sebastian so desperately wants?

I Put a Spell on You was an entertaining read and I found it enchanting.  Sebastian is a successful, sexy man who knows what he wants and thinks he knows the perfect way to get it.  Tess is a spunky witch who thought that she was over her high school crush until he moved back to town right next door to her.  Cassandra Curtis does a wonderful job of creating just the right amount of sexual tension and verbal foreplay to draw the readers in and keep them there until the end!  I Put a Spell on You was bewitching and I will be looking for more from Cassandra Curtis!


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