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Hired Gun by Bobbi Smith
Leisure Books
Western Historical Romance
ISBN 0-8439-5665-8
Reviewed by Nannette

Trent Marshall is a gun for hire.  Trent's just finished his last job, which was to find and kill the outlaw Matt Sykes.  Now he plans to take a break. 

Faith Ryan is attending the town social when she is paired with Trent while dancing.  Trent and Faith are attracted to each other, but before she can find out more about him, Trent leaves. 

Faith's brother, Mason, and sister ,Abbie, are attacked by renegade Apache warriors and her sister ends up captured.  Faith becomes reacquainted with Trent again when she hires him to track her sister down.

During the long and arduous journey to try and save Abbie, Trent and Faith grow closer while Abbie struggles to endure her brutality as a captive, and all the while a threat lurks.  Someone seeks revenge for Matt Sykes death.

Faith and Trent make a great match in Hired Gun.  Faith is a strong woman with a big heart.  Trent is a tough and handsome man.   Abbie's ordeal is nerve racking, but she handles herself well.  I particularly enjoyed how the story pans back and forth between several different characters.  Bobbi Smith's Hired Gun is a well-written story filled with romance and excitement.


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