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High-Stakes Passion by Juliet Burns
Silhouette Desire # 1644
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 0-373-76644-0
Reviewed by Nannette

Audrey Tyson is posing as a housekeeper at the Double M ranch to meet the infamous bull rider Mark “Lone Cowboy” Malone.  Mark was injured and is no longer competing.  Audrey is trying to get his story. 

Mark has both physical and emotional scars.  The injury to his leg is almost as bad as the emotional scars left by his mother.  Audrey will have a very hard time breaking down Mark's walls.  Just when it seems that she has, Mark finds out who she really is and Audrey fears she has lost Mark forever now.

In High-Stakes Passion Mark and Audrey struggle through the pain of their painful pasts to find unconditional love in each other's arms.  Audrey is a sweetheart and Mark is a wonderful man.  High-Stakes Passion is a story filled with drama and passion.  It's a tender story, with a heart warming and romantic ending.


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