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Her Highland Rogue by Leanne Burroughs
Vintage Romance Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN 0-9770107-9-1
Reviewed by Amelia

During the turbulent times of 1304, Scotland is fighting for their independence fro England. In an effort to keep the peace Highlander Duncan MacThomas has been ordered to marry Englishwoman Catherine Gillingham.

Duncan has been married once before and has a child. His wife abandoned him and was unfaithful so he has problems accepting a new wife. Catherine is not sure about wedding the highlander but does so to follow her father’s wishes.

Once they are wed Duncan beds Catherine, and then instantly takes her to Scotland, where he abandons her at their home, not knowing that she is with child. An enemy of Duncan’s attacks Catherine and she loses the child. Duncan again takes her back to Scotland where they fight the battles of the time, as well as their inability to come to terms with each other.

Her Highland Rogue is a well-researched and well-written novel. Having said that, however, there was so much angst in the novel that at times I wanted to take the two main characters heads, smack them together and yell “snap out of it!” And although I know it was a sign of the times, too many sorrows and troubles bogged this novel down for me.


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