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Haunted Dreams by Karen Erickson
Cobblestone Press
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-063-6
Reviewer: Maura

In 1886, lovers Katherine Polanski and Hadden Robertson had been murdered in Katherine’s father’s house, but their souls were trapped there – unable to move on or touch each other until their reincarnated selves come together again.

Kara Pierson has been dreaming about a handsome stranger who inspires and arouses her only to meet that man in the flesh at a charity ball her sister made her attend.  The handsome Hayden Roberts and Kara are almost irresistibly attracted to each other as soon as they meet.  Then they both win a spot in a contest that requires them to spend the night in the old Polanski house.  But the ghosts of the murdered lovers are rumored to still inhabit the house.

Haunted Dreams caught my attention and held it as I cheered for love to win out over all.  The sex is both hot and emotional, and the characters are well developed and very likable.  The only issue I had was basically one of how some terms were defined, but the story itself was very enjoyable and a pleasure to read.


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