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Gray’s Anatomy by Crystal B. Bright
New Concepts Publishing
Contemporary Interracial Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-932-2
Reviewed by Maura

Tommie Balford is fighting tooth and nail to keep her wrestling company from dissolving, and when she sees Gray Kennebeck backstage, she doesn’t realize he’s her temporary company doctor and not a new wrestler.  Embarrassed by her own reaction to the handsome doctor, Tommie refuses to hire him and sends him on his way despite the fact that her company can be shut down if found to be without a doctor on staff.

Gray has been suspended from his hospital job for playing Robin Hood and his best friend and lawyer had found him this job to both convince the hospital board that he was worth reinstating and to give him something to do until a decision was made.  He arrived for his interview only to find that Tommie was a gorgeous but no nonsense woman he was instantly attracted to and she had no idea who he was.

Gray’s Anatomy is a fast-paced story that pits a stubborn but wounded woman who has given up almost everything in favor of running a company that is really the dream of someone she loves, against a man of ideals who is equally stubborn and determined to be able to live out his own dream. What neither of them has counted on is what would happen when love entered the equation.

With steamy sex scenes and complex characters, Gray’s Anatomy is a story that kept me glued to its pages until I finished reading it in one pass.


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