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Glamour by Stella and Audra Price
Duvall Inc., Book 2
Paranormal/vampire/erotic romance
ISBN: 1-59426-629-8
Reviewed by Jo

Janey Duvall has to figure out what happened with the person she sent to fulfill a contract that her company accepted.  Her first problem is that she is the newly bound consort of Marsh, and he won’t let her go alone.  After several frustrating calls, Janey has determined that she and Marsh will have to go to Beijing, locate her employee and find out why the contracted hit has not been completed yet. 

Nicodemus Marsh, a Djinn, is very intrigued when Janey explains the situation to him and after Janey makes it worth his while, he agrees to accompany her.  Marsh has his own plans on the play that he and Janey will enjoy while in Beijing.  He is also very intrigued by the lack of information on the mark that can be found by him and his extensive contacts.  He even called the demon prince, Sean Taylor, who put Janey and Marsh together in the first place. 

Now Janey, Marsh and Malcom Frost (vampire and second in command under Sean) are in Beijing and quickly find out that there is much more to the mark than a simple hit.  Divide and succeed is decided to be the best way to save Janey’s employee and complete the hit by the deadline.  Marsh and Janey have to transform Janey in order to complete their mission, but will even Marsh’s glamour be enough to save her when the showdown comes?

Glamour invites us into the world of Janey and Marsh, the assassin and Djinn couple.  It is fast moving, kinky and hot enough to scorch the pages.  Janey and Marsh may live in another type of world from the rest of us, but they have their own rules, standards and morals.  Even with fulfilling a contracted hit they do their best to help the innocents that are affected by the mark.  I found that Janey and Marsh do what they want, the way they want, which includes how they express their love to each other.  After all, when you are the consort to a Djinn and the owner of a major international assassin company, it just has to be expected that you love the kinkier side of life.  I enjoy the darker side of romance and I admit that I have fallen for this couple.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys the darker side of romance and series books.  I personally can’t wait for the next visit from Janey and Marsh and their next adventure.   

Glamour can be read as a stand alone, but I personally would recommend that you read Wishes first and discover just how Janey and Marsh came together.


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