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Sea Sentinel, Episode 1: From The Waters - Click for large version

From the Waters by Adrianna Dane
Sea Sentinel, Episode 1
Amber Quill Press
ISBN (10): 1-59279-626-5
ISBN (13): 978-1-59279-626-7
Reviewed by Klarissa

Having just moved into the lighthouse, Elena was excited about her life, until she woke up kidnapped on a boat headed out to sea.  Overhearing men talk of her death, Elena escapes over the side of the ship.  When she thought all was lost and her strength gone, she knew she was going to drown, but life has other plans.

Danael Watters has been attracted to Elena the first moment they stepped into the elevator together.  Now he finds himself rescuing her from drowning and he canít resist the way her body calls to him in any form he takes.  But no matter what he feels for her, he can not let her get to close to his secret.

From the Waters by Adrianna Dane is an interesting story.  Elena and Danael meet and are instantly attracted to each other, but donít act on their feelings.  Not until a life threatening experience throws them together.  Lots of sexual tension line these pages with great sex topping it off, you will not be able to keep from liking From the Waters.  Itís a hot story Adrianna Dane fans will love.


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