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Forsaken by Danielle Devon
A Seralin Novel
Liquid Silver Books
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59578-208-7
Reviewed by Gracie

Calli Demour is part of an order called the Seralin, who are watchers and try to keep order between the Kindred, who are vampires, and the rest of the world.  She does not have any family, but has a close relationship with her teacher, Ciel.  Calli wants to learn more about the Kindred, especially one called Marcus whose diary she found and has been obsessed with ever since.

Marcus knows there are rules that he must follow to remain in good standing with the Kindred and their coven.  Marcus has endured some painful times during his existence.  He has had his heart broken, but is completely amazed by this overwhelming desire he has to be near Calli.  He realizes what it will cost him, but he cannot break the bond that pulls him toward Calli.

Calli has spent years trying to gather information about the Kindred from Ciel, and he has spent as much time trying to refocus her attention elsewhere.  Calli sneaks away from the Ciel and the Seralin to find Marcus.  She cannot resist him and is even more drawn to him after seeing him and she is pleased when he responds back.  Marcus and Calliís attraction is about to completely change both their lives forever as they break rules that have been around for centuries and shake up both the Seralin and Kindred worlds.  Will their feelings be enough to sustain them or will their worlds be destroyed forever?

Forsaken was an intense read filled with a very deep plot.  Danielle Devon has created a world that pulls the reader into the center of it and engages their interest immediately.  Calli is a head strong woman who knows what her place should be, but cannot move past a love she feels for a person who is forbidden to her.  Marcus has never had a problem following the rules of his coven, but Calli makes him question their rules and his beliefs about love.  I enjoyed Forsaken and am hoping to read more from Danielle Devon about the world of the Seralin.


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