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For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison
Hollows Series, Book 5
Eos Books
ISBN 10: 0-06-078838-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-06-78838-4
Reviewed by Lyonene

What kind of life do you have when calling a demon is at the top of your “to do list”?

Rachel Morgan has spent most of her life learning and using Earth witchcraft.  She’s found that she can also use ley-line magic easily, courtesy of the illegal treatments her father had her undertake when she was small, in order to save her life.  Although flashier, ley-line magic is not generally as long lasting as Earth magic and can be so much more dangerous.  

Rachel owes favors to two demons. Through trying to get one of the oldest and most dangerous demons out of her house, one demon now owes her a favor.   Would it be possible to have Minias remove one of the marks as the favor owed?

Trent Kalamack, elf and city council member, is one of the richest and most powerful men in the world…and the bane of Rachel’s existence.  After ignoring his wedding invitation in the guise of doing a job for him, Trent hunts Rachel down and talks her into working his wedding.  He’d come close to getting Rachel to trust him, but after she finds out what he’s done, all in the name of gaining more power, she’s devastated.  Though tagging him will not undo the damage that Trent has done, it’ll have to do. 

Werewolves are dying. Some have been murdered and others have been committing suicide for unknown reasons.  With Rachel’s Alpha under suspicion, she takes it on herself to find out the reason why werewolf women are killing themselves so far away from the full moon, and to bring the murderer of the others to justice.

To get Piscary into jail, Rachel was close to being killed. Now, because of a demon raising hell in Cinci, the city council has let him out to banish it back into the everafter.  After appearing to do what the council has asked him, Piscary is now fully pardoned and Rachel’s life is in danger, now more than ever before.  He is not going to only be after her blood, he’ll want her death.

For A Few Demons More is fast paced, full of action and magic, and totally absorbing.  Although Rachel tries her best to stay away from demons and the magic that uses them, the demons seem to keep barging into her life.  Although she hadn’t admitted it to herself before, Rachel now knows that she needs the thrill of life and death situations to feel alive.  She’s trying to back off from getting into situations that have the potential to get her killed, but circumstances just keep throwing her back in.  Second guessing her every move - after the fact of course - is not only confusing her, it’s making her unsure of herself.

Kim Harrison is a superb storyteller and this fifth book in the Hollows Series, For A Few Demons More, is a prime example of just how good she is.  Rife with adventure and packed with emotionally charged scenes, For A Few Demons More is one book that has a place on my keeper shelf.  I loved this book, right up until the ending.  Even though I wish Ms. Harrison would have resolved the situation between Kisten, Rachel and Ivy another way, I’ll definitely pick up the next in the Hollows series…especially now to see where she’s going with the Rachel/Ivy plot line.  I’ve followed this series from the beginning and for lovers of magic, action and adventure, The Hollows series and For A Few Demons More are a definite ‘must have’!


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