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Fallen Idol by Shelly Munro
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Gay Futuristic Romance
ISBN 1-4199-0663-1
Reviewed by Nannette

Rafi Mura hasnít seen his best friend Roberto Azam in two years.  Bob was a successful sex circuit competitor, but as a result of an injury Bob is no longer competing.  Heís overweight, he has no money left, and he lost his partner Fifi Da Groux, she left him the minute he was down. 

Bobís hit rock bottom and Rafi is there to help him up, he even offers to help him train to get back on the circuit.  Rafi has been in love with Bob forever and heís a little worried about his heart being crushed when Bob finds another partner.  Bob wants to get back on top so he can get Fifi back.  Things change as the men work together and soon Bob discovers what he really wants.

I found the premise of Fallen Idol to be a bit unromantic and unappealing mainly because the sex felt somewhat impersonal due to Rafi and Bob's performing.  Rafi is a nice guy, his crush on his best friend is endearing and Bob makes a nice turn around.  Unfortunately, even with it's nice ending, the storyline in Fallen Idol did not appeal to me.


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