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Eros Rising by Ally Blue

Eros Rising by Ally Blue
Hearts from the Ashes Collection
Samhain Publishing
Gay/Lesbian Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-311-7
Reviewed by Maura

Scott Jasper has been feeling trapped in a disintegrating relationship with his partner of six years, Logan.  Logan spends most of his time betraying and using Scott to achieve his own ends and his own pleasures.  Despite Logan’s manipulation, Scott has remained loyal through thick and thin.

Then Logan tricks Scott into attending a celebration at the local gay swingers’ club, Ganymede’s Grotto and Scott finds himself irresistibly drawn to the club’s magnificent stripper, Keegan Rourke.

Keegan’s eye is caught by the handsome man in the audience of his “Eros” performance.  After his act is over, he finds himself chatting with the well spoken and gentle Scott and appalled by the actions of Scott’s partner.

But Keegan has suffered betrayal before and won’t let anyone close enough to love him.  Love means the risk of having his heart torn out again.  Can Scott and Keegan both overcome the demons that could be keeping them from a lasting love?

While the sex was hot and well written, what really kept me glued to this story was the compelling emotions of Scott and Keegan.  The complexity and conflict as both of the main characters fought to free themselves from their histories was riveting and made Eros Rising a story I couldn’t put down until I had devoured it.


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