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Edge of Darkness by Tess Harrison
Triskelion Publishing
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-933471-75-1
Reviewed by Kathy Andrico

Eve Cartwright had returned for many reasons.  One of them was finally figuring out who had killed her aunt Amelia, who she called Aunt Amy.  She had never believed that Amy’s death was accidental or suicide.  Before, Eve had turned to the police and Adam, but to no avail.  Now she would do this on her own.

Adam Nivolas had vowed to protect Eve, but she was one woman who refused to be protected.  He had tried to further investigate Amelia’s death, but the fact that his own superior, the police chief, had closed that case, Adam had little maneuverability for his investigations.

With the return of Eve comes unwanted attraction for both of them.  For Eve, Adam had spurned her and hadn’t trusted her about Amy, whereas Adam had always desired Eve, but she was younger and he had his vow he’d made to Amelia.  As danger encloses around Eve and people start to die, Adam makes another vow¾to be as close to her as possible, regardless of her protests.

Edge of Darkness kept my interest from page one.   There was a diverse cast of distinct characters that kept me guessing who-dun-it…and also kept me wondering, who’s-gonna-die-next.  I loved the romance between Eve and Adam, but I did get annoyed with Eve’s insistence of independence.  Even with a stalker and other deaths, she’s still saying she will handle it on her own.  However, her history with Adam and the police somewhat explains her stance.  I will definitely be checking into additional stories by Tess Harrison.


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