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Dying For Siena by Elizabeth Jennings
Cerridwen Press
ISBN 1-4199-0257-1
Romantic Mystery Suspense
Reviewed by Nannette

Faith Murphy went to Italy for a math seminar and had only been there for a short time when she discovered her boss, professor Roland Kane, dead in his office.  The detective called to look into the case is Dante Rossi.  Danti is the brother of the man who broke Faith's heart. 

Nick Rossi finds out his professional hockey career is over and he promptly gets rip roaring drunk.  He spends the night with Faith and they share a magical night together.  When he woke up the next morning he was so hung over he couldn't remember his name never mind Faith's.  A very hurt and humiliated Faith storms out.

Nick gets a call from his cousin Dante telling him that Faith is involved in a murder case and Nick doesn't hesitate to go to her, but Faith isn't happy to see Nick.  Then her life is threatened and Nick becomes her protector.  

Dying For Sienna is a really well written story; it's descriptive and the characterization is great.  The romance is very light but it's still sweet and sensuous.  Nick is charming, big, strong and all male.  The fact that he may be more jock than brain is completely endearing.  Faith is a sweetheart; she's smart, pretty, friendly and perfect for Nick.  Elizabeth Jennings paints a beautiful, irresistible portrait of Sienna.  Dying For Sienna is an absorbing, witty, suspense-filled story.  I really enjoyed it.


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