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Dirty Deeds by Lorelei James

Dirty Deeds by Lorelei James
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-59998-197-8
Reviewed by Nannette

Tate Cross has decided she wants mind-blowing sex with no commitments.  Tate’s best friend Val Westfield decides that her brother Nathan LeBeau is perfect for her.  Besides the no strings attached sex, Nathan is a landscaper and could help Tate landscape the house she has inherited from her aunt.  Nathan has decided that he needs to work on his romantic side, meeting Tate will guarantee hot sex and give him the opportunity to compete in the Maxwell Landscaping Competition while Tate in turn helps him with landscape design.

When they meet, it's lust at first site for both of them, but what happens when lust turns into something more?  And, what happens when Tate finds out about the competition Nathan neglected to tell her about?

Dirty Deeds is full of romance and hot sex.  Nathan is so charming.  He's romantic and passionate and incredibly sexy.  Tate is a lot of fun.  I wished that she had accepted what Nathan offered right away, but I had to wait for that.  I really liked Nathan and Tate together. They fit.  Dirty Deeds is emotional and passionate, and it has a heart warming ending as well. 


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