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Dinah’s Christmas Desire by Mechele Armstrong
Loose Id
Erotic Interlude/Christmas/Ménage
ISBN: 978-1-59632-396-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Dinah, Ian, and Taylor are spending their first Christmas together as a triad.  Ian allows the others to unwrap one Christmas present each with the stipulation that they have to wear what they unwrap to the Christmas Eve party they are attending. 

What happens next is a sensual Christmas Eve journey none of them will ever forget.

Dinah’s Christmas Desire revisits the characters of Dinah’s Dark Desire and I found them to be just as lovable and sexy in this story as in the first.  Ian continues to be the alpha of the trio and just too delicious for words.  Taylor’s boyish charm insinuated itself back into my heart and he just made me warm and tingly.  As for Dinah, she is one lucky girl and doesn’t let herself forget it.  Dinah’s Christmas Desire is the perfect addition to this wonderful triad and I am glad it was written. 


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