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Devil's Kiss by Brenda Williamson

Devil's Kiss by Brenda Williamson
Samhain Publishing
Western Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-161-0
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

T.J. Creager is searching for the killer who murdered her family.  Coming into town after dropping off a criminal with the sheriff, she puts on her only dress and heads to the saloon for a night of cards and drinking.  While enjoying herself, a U.S. Marshall comes into the saloon amidst well wishers for his latest arrest.  Unable to keep her eyes off of him, she finds that he is looking at her as well. When he walks over and tries to sweet talk his way into her bed, she dismisses him outright and leaves him standing. 

Jack McCay has never met a woman he couldnít charm.  That is, until he meets Tessa Jane Creager and she has to be one of the orneriest women alive. Unwilling to succumb to the carnality that he knows is in her nature, he finds himself falling for and desiring her completely.

T.J. doesnít have time for entanglement, especially with the past she intends to keep hidden.  Jack is also hesitant to want beyond the here and now since he has secrets of his own. 

Devilís Kiss was a good read.  I found myself wanting to succumb to Jack just because.  T.J. made me a bit restless however, just because of her stubbornness.  I found myself wanting to yell at her to just GIVE IN!!  All in all, I enjoyed Devilís Kiss very much. I thought the plot worked and the storyline flowed.  Historical/western romances are some of my favorite genres to read and I love when I find a new author!


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