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Deck the Djinn by Cynnara Tregarth
Loose Id Publishing
Christmas Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-247-9
Reviewed by Jo

Marek is the Chakera of Djinn, that of emotion, but because of an incident that emotionally injured him, he has not been able to do his job or even help himself.  In a last desperate gasp to help Marek, his family has exiled him on Earth and he has the two weeks until Yule to either find his way back or risk all he knows among the Chakera of Djinn.  Tahra Balhan is a mortal that the fates have marked as His One.  Tahra loves Marek, but she knows that until he gets back on the correct path Marek will never be the man she loves.  Tahra, agreeing with Marek’s family, leaves him without a true explanation.

Marek is now stranded on Earth and he is determined to not only find what he lost, but to get Tahra back in his arms.  The clock is ticking for Marek, can he find the answers to handling his emotions and reunite with Tahra in time?

Deck the Djinn is a wonderful feel-good book.  It travels the path of Marek as he discovers how to deal with the overwhelming guilt he has felt for many, many years.  Marek just allowed himself to drift with a depression until he was faced with losing everything.  I loved the mixture of species that intermixed and added depth within Deck the Djinn.   Without giving too much away, I will say that where and how Marek found his answers was exactly right, especially during the Yule season.  I highly recommend Deck the Djinn as a loving and emotional story that you will want to read anytime of the year.


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