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Cupid's Favor by Michelle M. Pillow
Naughty Cupids series, Book 3
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-952-8
Reviewed by Klarissa

Cupid is at it again.  After Malak saved his hide from drowning in quicksand, Cupid must return a favor.  But instead of bringing love to Malak, Cupid decides to bring to him to be destroyed someone Malak hates.

Malak, having been called before King Larus, has been asked to help see Lady Sophia and Lady Riannon across to the mortal realm.  Malak quickly finds out that one of his charges has a very sharp tongue.  Lady Sophia sees his kind as evil beasts, and soon Malak canít wait to see her gone.  Yet, despite the fact that her hostility towards him is aggravating, Malak is starting to warm to her.  When Sophia steps beyond to the mortal realm, Malak suddenly feels torn.  But Cupid has a surprise waiting for Malak when he returns to his castle.  What he thought lost has now turned up angrier than ever, and now Sophia is his to deal with.

Cupidís Favor is a quick read that will have you submerged in this magical world.  Sophia is such a treat with all her hostility toward the Lycaons that you canít help but hope someone will tame her.  And Malak is just the one to do it, but Malak isnít used to a woman not falling at his feet, so Sophia quickly becomes a challenge.  These characters, the plot and the engrossing dialogue will keep your attention until the very end.  I absolutely loved the ups and downs of Cupidís Favor, and you shouldnít miss Malak and Sophiaís story.


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