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Criss Cross by Jordan Castillo Price
A PsyCop Novel
Torquere Press
Erotic Gay Paranormal
ISBN 1-934166-34-0
Reviewed by Nannette

Victor Bayne is a psychic in the Paranormal Investigation Unit and his sixth sense has kicked into overdrive.  Vic sees dead people, but lately he is seeing them everywhere and they are able to touch him now too.  Vic's new partner Roger Burke is a nice guy but he gets on Vic's nerves a bit.

Jacob Marks is Vic's lover; he is also a cop.  When Vic starts hurting Jacob in his sleep and he doesn't know why or how to stop it, he turns to Jacob's partner Caroline for help, who in turn takes Vic to Jacob's ex boyfriend.  Things really get messed up when Vic's old partner, Lisa, tells him that Jacob is a danger to him.  Vic has to figure out what’s going on before either he or Jacob ends up dead.

Criss Cross has the same wit and out of this world scenarios as the first PsyCop Novel, Among The Living, but Jordan Castillo Price manages to take the same storyline and make it fresh with a fascinating set of new dilemmas and spooky moments in Criss Cross.   It's mesmerizing, slightly twisted and definitely has a bizarre storyline that blends with a colorful cast of characters and a sensual romance between Vic and Jacob to create a unique and highly entertaining story.


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