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Convince Me by Arianna Hart
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Shapeshifter/Paranormal
ISBN: 1-4199-0696-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Sareena Wilton has had her eyes on NYC police officer Brogan Donahue for a long time.  Volunteering at a battered womenís shelter brings her in contact with him quite often.  Every time Sareena finds herself getting closer to Brogan, it is like a door closes in front of her and she is shut down before she can explore what she knows she sees in his eyes.  Sareena has to be careful of who she trusts because of what she is, but when an irate man attempts to assault Sareena at a fundraiser, and Brogan comes to her rescue, she thinks that she might have found the one man to give her heart to.  All she has to do is convince him. 

Brogan Donahue knows that heiress Sareena Wilton finds him attractive.  He also knows that there is no way a copy like him would ever measure up in her world and so decides to ignore the attraction that he feels for her.  Easier said than done, especially when Sareena is attacked by a man intent on making her pay for his wife leaving him.  What Brogan sees next tests every law of nature he has ever known and he finds himself the very willing participant in a game of love. 

Convince Me was phenomenal.  Hot cop versus gorgeous heiress equals pure reading pleasure, then add in great sex and a bit of shape shifting and my day was complete.  I love how Arianna Hart made the story so realistic with the storyline of a battered womenís shelter; I think that made Convince Me so much more believable.  I thought Brogan very sexy and just the mention of his freckles made me blush.  Sareena was the ultimate feline.  Cuddly but deadly, she has my admiration for not being afraid of going after what she wants and she so wanted Brogan.

Arianna Hart continues to be a favorite author of mine and I canít wait to see what she releases next!  For a truly sensual read, run, donít walk and get Convince Me today from Elloraís Cave.


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