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Cold Hands, Warm...


Cold Hands, Warm… by Jade Falconer
M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59426-572-0
Reviewed by Shannon

It is the start of the long weekend and Billy is already looking forward to settling into his dorm, keeping out of the cold.  His roommate Paul is staying for the weekend too and the two haven’t spent a lot of time together in the past four months.  They decide to take the time they have to get acquainted.

The more they talk, the more they find they have in common.  Including an undeniable attraction for each other…

Cold Hands, Warm… is a wonderful story about two young men discovering who they are and what they want.  Paul and Billy are incredibly realistic characters and I became entranced reading about their experience together.  Cold Hands, Warm… is a sweet coming-of-age story that will warm you up in no time.


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