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Chasing the Moon- Cover Art

Chasing the Moon by Loribelle Hunt
Lunar Mates series, Book 3
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Werewolf
ISBN: 978-1-60088-087-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Jackson has just taken over as Alpha of the pack that threw out his closest friends.  Trust is difficult for Jackson, but he takes the advice of Trey and decides to be the kind of Alpha his pack needs.  Now if he can just find the wolf threatening his position and contain the one woman he was meant to have above all others, Summer Lambert, his mate.

Summer Lambert has been avoiding Jackson for months because she isnít ready to settle down.  Looking forward to an uninterrupted vacation of two weeks, Summer doesnít realize until it is too late that she is now the guest of the one Alpha werewolf that she was hoping against hope to avoid.  Then, much to her consternation, Summer finds herself drawn into Jacksonís world with less reluctance than she would have liked.

Summer and Jackson come together as mates and the result is a heat worthy of any sultry day.  There is just one problem in their idyllic world, someone from Jacksonís pack means to harm and possibly overthrow Jacksonís position.  Will Jackson and Summer be able to find out just who it is before it is too late?

May I state that I love Loribelle Huntís wolves?  I adore how she portrays them. They are manly, Alpha, and just downright too sexy for words, and Jackson is no different.  Alpha to the core, I love how he shows his feelings for Summer and how he allows her to utilize her gifts without stifling her.  Summer, while she was reluctant to admit that Jackson is her mate; she canít dismiss the fact that the thought of him not in her life causes her pain.  Her wanting to protect him from harm was a wonderful touch, especially when Summer herself didnít realize it would happen.  Chasing the Moon was the perfect read for me.

I canít get enough of Loribelle Huntís novels!  I love every aspect of her stories and find myself constantly perusing the coming soon pages.  Her ability to draw me into her stories and stay there is why I continue to read books written by this so very talented writer.  I look forward to each and every release!


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