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Talons: Caged Desire by Sydney Somers

Caged Desire (Talon Series) by Sydney Somers
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 1-59998-158-0
Reviewed by Nannette

Logan Callahan was betrayed by those he trusted fifty years ago and he's been locked in a cage in his eagle form since.

Eve is a vampire.  When her friend Kyle has a crate delivered to her home, the last thing Eve expected to find was a huge eagle in a cage.

Logan wants out.  Once he’s freed he knows two things for sure, one, he wants Eve and two, he has to leave before her life is put in danger.

Sydney Somers combines a very sexy hero, a strong heroine, sizzling passion, and an exciting plot in Caged Desire.  The sexual tension is high and so is the danger in this steamy story.  Caged Desire is a thrill ride with a tender conclusion.


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