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Cafe Noctem by Willa Okati

Café Noctem by Willa Okati
Hearts from the Ashes Collection
Samhain Publishing
Male/Male Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-310-9
Reviewer: Maura

Sint Holo, the Cherokee Snake Man and trickster, has created a mask to cause mischief among the living and the Celebration de la Vie seems the perfect time use it when summoned by a man who both wants and fears the results of his actions.

Grey and his lover Jimmy had opened Café Noctem together and made it a success. They lived and loved in blissful happiness until Jimmy’s sudden death. Now Grey and Nicholas have become lovers, but there are still a lot of issues left to be worked through if they are to have a future together. But Sint Holo adds his own games to make the journey even more difficult.

Café Noctem was a fascinating story that mixed a terrific Cherokee legend with characters I immediately empathized with and cared about who were in a very precarious situation. Hot sex is something I count on from Willa Okati for but I was most enthralled by the complex and heavy emotions she brought to life it this story.  Café Noctem is a hot story that made me talk back to the characters because they had drawn me in so far!


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