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Bye, Bye, Skyler by Jet Mykles
Silk’s Vault
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-934055-35-2
Reviewed by Gracie

Ann Sommers is the high school English teacher at the same school she went to.  She also teaches drama and is in charge of organizing and directing the school play, Bye Bye Birdie.  This play has significant meaning to Ann after she starred in it with her high school crush.  As if she does not have enough memories spinning around in her head, the main player in all her memories and fantasies is back in town.

Jason Skyler has come back to town after leaving to follow his high school dreams.   He is back to help his Grandparents pack up their house and get ready for their move to Arizona.  Skyler cannot believe how much everything seems the same and it makes him even more nervous about confronting his past and the woman, Ann, whose heart he broke when he left to play baseball.

Ann cannot believe that Skyler is back in town after all these years and especially this year when she is putting on the play that they starred in together during high school.  She is having a hard time putting her past behind her, even though she was sure that she had put Skyler behind her.  Skyler is worried about seeing Ann again since they separated on bad terms so long ago.  Ann is as beautiful and kind as he remembered and he invites her dinner at his Grandparents’.  Things heat up between them and Skyler begins helping with the play to continue to be close to Ann.  Old memories resurface for both of them, but will it be enough?  Can Skyler and Ann find each after so much time has passed?

Bye, Bye Skyler brings all those old high school feelings and memories back to the surface as you read.  Ann is the “nice” girl who longs for the boy who she feels is out of her league and she has spent years attempting to get over the hurt that was caused in one evening.  Skyler is the boy who escaped his small town to explore his talent and the big world, not realizing what he was really leaving behind.  I was rooting for Ann and Skyler from the get go.  Jet Mykles lets her readers re-experience all the joy and pain of that heart-wrenching time that we all called high school.  Bye, Bye, Skyler is a fantastic read!


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