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Bit by the Bug

Bit by the Bug by Michelle M. Pillow
Virgin Cheek
Romance Contemporary
Reviewed by Georgia

Kat Matthews, a starving artist photographer, is stunned when she is propositioned by a rich couple while on vacation in Vale, Colorado.  Yet when they throw out the lure of an exclusive interview and show with one of New York’s most prestigious galleries, she’s also interested.  How hard could it be?  All she has to do is date their nerdy sounding son and at the same time help him to be a better date after she’s gone.  Easy, right?  Until she actually meets Dr. Vincent Richmond, then things really get interesting.

Once again I am amazed at Ms. Pillow’s writing ability.  Not only is she able to tell a wonderful story with Bit by the Bug, she also brings it to life.  The characters are vibrant and realistic and almost leap off the page.  Kat and Vincent are so opposite that it’s really surprising how well they compliment each other.  Their relationship sizzles just below the surface as Vincent deals with his shyness and Kat with her guilt over taking the job.  Once they acknowledge their feelings and act upon them though, the story really heats up.  Vincent really comes out of his shell and shows a truly sexy side that surprised and delighted me.  Several interesting secondary characters also liven up this truly fantastic story, paving the way for future books.  I’d love to discover what happens with Kat’s four sisters.  If you’re looking for a fun-filled, sizzling story, pick up Bit by the Bug and enjoy.


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