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Back Stage Pass by Leah Collins
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59374-666-0
Reviewed by Gracie

Alan Price is the lead guitarist for Wanderlust, as well as their prime financial backer.  Things are going great for Alan; his band is fighting to win a contract with a major label, he can have just about any woman he wants, and he totally enjoys his life.  Then, there is Nora who is driving him crazy and making him feel something that he has never felt before…jealousy.

Nora Barton is Wanderlust’s manager.  She is working on getting into grad school and is a close friend of Alan’s.  Nora is brilliant with numbers and she has dedicated all her time to her studies, but now she wants to try something new.  Nora plans on getting a personal life before she has to go back to school.  She has set her sites on Derek Devlin, the lead singer for DDR and Wanderlust’s biggest competition.

Alan is furious when he sees Nora with Derek and acting purely on instinct, he storms through the crowd and pulls Derek off of Nora.  Alan knows that Nora is far too good for Derek…it has nothing to do with his being interested in her himself.  Nora is spitting mad at Alan, but she decides to set this aside and ask Alan for a huge favor.  Nora wants Alan to teach how to make love and to be her first, so that she appears to be more experienced for Derek.  Alan cannot believe her request, but he eagerly agrees to take on the job.  Will Alan and Nora be able to keep their relationship on friendly terms or will they find love instead?

Backstage Pass was fun, sexy, emotional, and I absolutely loved it!  Alan is the epitome of a rock star; he loves his lifestyle, the woman who make themselves so readily available to him, and his music.  On the other hand; he is loyal and true to his friends and is just a good guy.  Nora is smart, shy, and so beautiful, but she just does not have as much real world experience as most women her age.  She wants to be more experienced since she has been so focused on school her whole life.  I loved watching Alan and Nora trying to find a balance between the friendship they both value and the love that is blossoming between them.  Adding to the fun is the extreme animosity and rivalry between Alan and Derek.  Leah Collin’s Backstage Pass is a great way to spend an evening!


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