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Arcadia by Ann Cory
Venus Press
ISBN: 1-59836-330-1
Reviewed by Klarissa

Mason has trudged through the desert sands to find the woman that has haunted him.  She is the Sphinx lying over her land that she protects. Mason feels there is more to the mythical creature who resides in the desert.  His mission is to claim her in hopes to distract her enough to let her guard down so he will be first into the fields of gold she protects.  He wants to prove that he different than the others who have passed her way only wanting the treasure.  In the end, will Mason be granted what so many have failed to achieve?

Arcadia by Ann Cory is a lightening fast read.  Twenty-three pages chocked full of Masonís determination to reach the riches beyond the sphinx.  The reader canít help but get engrossed in his tale.  Ann Cory is a fabulous writer who knows how to weave stories with a twist.  I found the Sphinx to be mysterious with an interesting ending of her own.  The reader will not be disappointed in Arcadia.


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