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A Valentine Kiss by Carla Fredd, Brenda Jackson & Felicia Mason
BET/Arabesque Books
African American Contemporary Anthology
ISBN: 1-58314-596-6
Reviewed by Nikita Steele

Matchmaker by Carla Fredd

Camille Johnson and Justine Valentio are about to discover that when two very conniving elderly ladies (their respective grandmothers) unite in order to conquer a mutual goal -- marring them off to each other -- there is no stopping them.  And, even with Justineís dislike of citified women will not put a damper on the meddling ladies plans of sharing a great-grandbaby.  With Valentineís Day just around the corner, will the grandmothersí wishes come true?

I took great pleasure in reading Matchmaker.  This short story had a great mixture of laughter, tearful moments, jealousy, heartache and passion.  The bond that developed between the couple was a joy to watch and their love scenes were spicy hot and tantalizing.  Camille and Justineís grandmothers were a hoot and added enormous intriguing moments to the storyline. 


Cupidís Bow by Brenda Jackson

Kimara Stafford has been in love with Kyle Garwood her entire life.  At the age of sixteen, Kimara was about to let her love be known; however, Kyle crushed her heart when he declared his love to someone else.  Now, ten years later Kimara finds herself in a heated dilemma that involves Kyle and if she is not careful, she could end up losing her heart once again.

Cupidís Bow was a heart-warming story that brought forth many different emotional moments throughout the plot.  There was a grieving sadness, passionate sexual interludes and great despair.  The attraction between Kimara and Kyle was steamy.  I thought the author did a magnificent job building on their chemistry to make their love making sizzling hot.  


Made in Heaven by Felicia Mason

Val Sanders hates her birth name and her birthday.  You see, she was born on Valentineís Day and her parents thought it would be neat to name her in honor of the special day.  After her latest date fiasco, her two best friends decided to give Val a birthday gift certificate to a dating service.  Val feels that her life has gone from bad to worst.  And then Val met Eric Fitzgerald, the co-owner of the dating service.  Will Eric be able to change Valís negative Valentineís Day feelings into happy ones?

Made in Heaven is a heart-warming, comical story that will keep you glued to your seat.  This tale was about a woman who believed that she was misfortunate to be born on the most romantic day in the world and a man determined to prove to her wrong by showing her the wonders of being in love. 


Overall, I found A Valentine Kiss to be a heated, steamy, passionate anthology.  This collection of stories was well written and had some wonderfully romantic, tender filled moments that will definitely put you in the mood for Valentineís Day.  Each story within A Valentine Kiss was unique, yet different, and they all focused on the special day that was made for lovers. 


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