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A Sure - Fire Cure by Kate Steele
Loose Id
Erotic Contemporary M/M Romance
ISBN 978-1-59632-358-2
Reviewed by Nanette

Dean Conlon is a man with a big heart.  Dean is a veterinarian and he takes care of his animals with TLC and compassion.  Scott Whittaker is a local rancher.  After meeting Dean, Scott sets his sights on him.  Dean's been hurt so he is skittish when it comes to relationships.  

Someone is watching Dean, and has set their sights on him too.  While the relationship between Dean and Scott grows, Dean's secret admirer is becoming angry and dangerous.

The basic storyline in A Sure-Fire Cure is a good one.  Heartache, suspense and hot sex always makes a good combination.  Unfortunately the story fell flat for mepartly because of Dean's personality.  I found him to be a rather weak character.   He got better as the story went on but at first he was whiney, throwing temper tantrums and such.   Also, Dean's father is unnerving in his viciousness towards Dean.  Scott is great.  He is masculine and strong and the passion that flares between Scott and Dean is usually hot, steamy, and loving.   A Sure-fire Cure had potential but with weak dialog and a fairly predictable plot, it just didn't work for me.


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