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A Reckless Affair by Blaise Kilgallen
Liquid Silver Books
Historical Romance
Reviewed by: Cerise

Rance Burgoyne is not looking to settle down, even though it is exactly what his grandmother wishes.  Heís too busy being the classic bachelor with all his friends.  His interest in Patience is sparked at their first meeting.    

Patience Hartford is a widow, and determined to find some true passion.  Her late husband, an older man, left her craving a true passionate encounter.  She returns home to England from India, where she lived with her husband.  Upon meeting Rance at a party, she decides heís just the man to fulfill her dreams.      

The two begin an affair strictly for the pleasure.  But they both end up with stronger feelings, and yet are to afraid to express them.  While their affair is on-again-off-again, both develop further feelings during their time apart. 

A Reckless Affair was not at all what I expected it to be.  With the addition of Ranceís friends, there was comedic relief.  A host of things happened to Rance and Patience that marked their relationship in good and bad ways.  There is one certain event that was a turning point, to me, and the beginning of the end of their hidden feelings.  Patience is a truly passionate woman who was disappointed in her sexual experiences with her husband and therefore set out to discover just what she was missing, and Rance delivered.  While their love scenes were steamy and left me craving more, some of their communications seemed detached.  As a whole their relationship was rushed.  What started as a simple affair turned into something more in a quick amount of time.  A Reckless Affair just didnít do it for me; I felt as if something was lacking from Rance and Patienceís relationship.  The love scenes were just not enough to keep me satisfied with the overall romance and the rest of the story. 


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