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A Devil in Winter (Winter Studs Series) by Diana Hunter
Elloraís Cave
Erotic BDSM
ISBN: 1-4199-0730-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Kevin Winter, formerly known as Devil Devlin, is dismayed to find out that his family will not be getting together over Christmas.  His visits home are what keep him sane and able to continue to live in New York.  Add in the fact that the woman he loves is suddenly engaged, and Kevin is not a happy camper.  So what does he do? He tries to gain the attention of his former girlfriend and is kicked to the side and asked to leave.  Tired of being alone and lonely, he sneaks around and tries to watch his former lover from a window and that is when IT happens.  A screaming virago catches him in the act and the only thing Kevin can do to shut her up is kidnap her.  

Anna canít believe that she actually caught Kevin watching her older sister through a window.  Having been attracted to Kevin for months to no avail, Anna has given up hope of ever gaining his attention.  That is, until she realizes just how much she is enjoying being tied up and at his mercy.

A Devil in Winter caught my attention early on with its blurb.  I loved the storyline but found myself not liking Kevin very much because he came across as being a bit fickle.  I fully understood his dilemma and dream of having someone, but I am not sure I agree with how he went about obtaining his ideal.  Especially since he seems to settle for Anna while she was devastatingly in love with him.  I can happily report that by the end of A Devil in Winter, I was convinced of Kevinís feelings for Anna and for that, he was redeemed in my eyes.  Diana Hunter has penned a lively romp of a book with A Devil in Winter that I am convinced readers will enjoy.


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