Witch Fury by Anya Bast

Elemental Witches, Book 4

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425228692

Reviewed by Jo



Sarafina Connell is not having a great day.  First she is burying the woman she thinks of as her mother and she had to take time off, empty out her bank account to pay for the services and now needs to hurry home so she can make rent payment arrangements.  But the day is going to take another turn to the nasty side when she is kidnapped by one of the worst warlocks around.  What would he want with someone like her? 

Theo Winters and others from the coven are breaking into the warlocks compound to rescue the witches being held against their will.  When Theo reaches the room with the head warlock, he is meeting with a female witch with lots of attitude.  Theo knows Stephen never meets with the witches, so she must not be one of the good guys and has no pity or friendship for her. 

Sarafina canít believe that she has had yet another turn of bad luck.  These witches that saved her donít believe she was kidnapped.  The tide has to turn in her favor soon.  While waiting, Sarafina is kept in Theoís quarters, too bad he turns her on so much.  Once the truth is discovered and Theo knows beyond a doubt that Sarafina is a good guy, he discovers that danger is still shadowing her as the warlocks are not going to give up and someone even worse wants her.   Theo and Sarafina have just discovered their passion is a shared one.  When a plan is worked out to finally defeat Stephen and the warlocks, will Theo be able to deal with it or is this going to be another block between him and Sarafina. 

A fire witch who doesnít have a clue can make things get hot fast.  Witch Fury finally tells Theoís happy ending.  I was hoping that he would get one.  Theo has trouble believing in Sarafinaís innocence because she was found with Stephen.  Sarafina is being given a crash course on how to become a witch, whether she wants to find out or not.  The friction between Theo and Sarafina was immediate even if it wasnít the passionate or friendly type to begin with, but then again she is a fire witch.  I just knew Sarafina was the perfect match to Theo just because she was so feisty and would not back down Ė rather like him.   

While Iím sorry that we have reached the end of the elements, Ms. Bast saved the best for last.  The final battle had me on the edge of my seat wondering who would come out on the other side.  Stephenís defeat and judgment were perfect for such a nasty man.  I cheered as I read it.  Witch Fury is spicy and funny sometimes even together with enough danger to peak your survivor instinct.  The Elemental Witches is a keeper series that I plan on pulling out over and over again. 

Lastly while gathering information for this review, I discovered a free e-book on Ms. Bastís site.  It is a short story with Micahís resolution called Micahís Magick.  Of course I promptly downloaded it and read it and was delighted to see yet another favorite witch get his happy ending.  However I must stress that you need to wait and read it after you have finished Witch Fury as there are many spoilers in it if you havenít. 


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