Wild Hunt by Willa Okati

Loose Id

Gay Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-944-7

Reviewed by Cassie



Delaney is a guitarist in a Celtic band.  He’s got a lot of talent, and so do his band-mates, but they haven’t caught their break yet, so they’re working as groundskeepers for the summer.  One night, while they’re playing and partying with a bunch of people, a strange man appears.  Delaney is enchanted with his appearance, and the way he plays the fiddle, so he chases the man.  When he catches him, though, Delaney gets a lot more than he bargained for…

Even for a Willa Okati book, Wild Hunt is weird.  I don’t mean that in a bad way, but the story is very strange.  There’s a dreamlike atmosphere in the story that, along with the touches of mythology and the typical Okati style, kept me both immersed in the story and oddly distanced from it.  Delaney is an interesting character.  He’s good and kind, but there’s an edge of dominance to him.  The fiddler he meets, Robbie, is feral and otherworldly, yet incredibly appealing.  Meeting Robbie drags Delaney into something a lot older and more difficult to escape than he ever imagined, but he isn’t willing to let Robbie go so easily.  The conflict, Delaney’s desire to save Robbie from his fate, is made even more interesting by the secondary characters.  Delaney’s band-mates and the occupants of Robbie’s world are fascinating.  The storyline is twisty and a little bit dark, and it kept me enthralled.  If you are a Willa Okati fan, or just looking for an unusual read with a bit of Celtic mythology, Wild Hunt definitely fits the bill. 


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