Wicked Hearts by Claire Thompson

Romance Unbound Publishing

Erotic M/M

ISBN 9781448669264

Reviewed by Nannette



Hank Seeley and Reese Armstrong have been friends since high school; friends with benefits. For years, Hank has persuaded Reese to seduce guys and record the act on tape. Reese never had a problem with it, that is until now. Hank makes him a bet he can’t refuse, but this time is different because Reese starts to care for the guy. Jeff Hartman is special and Reese wants more than one night, but Hank isn’t ready to let Reese go and he’ll do anything to keep him by his side.

Hank’s bad influence and Reese’s self-deprecation cause Reese to make some very bad choices in Wicked Hearts. Hank is all too happy to keep Reese under his thumb. They were very good at being wicked together. Reese knows how to play the game perfectly; he lays it on thick, every word going straight to Jeff’s heart to break down the walls he’s built around it. When Reese gets Jeff just where he wants him though, he decides he doesn’t want to play anymore. He wants the real thing – with Jeff. Jeff is a sweet guy who falls hard for the prank and for Reese. If Hank weren’t such a manipulative jerk I’d actually feel sorry for him. Deep down, he’s an insecure, lonely guy. Hank’s retribution is swift and hits its mark, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. Wicked Hearts is a good story. Hopefully, there’s more to come.


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