Under Control by Qwillia Rain

Diablo Blanco Club

Loose Id

Gay / BDSM

ISBN:  978-1-59632-906-5

Reviewed by Cassie



After being injured, Vance Justiss leaves the Marine Corps.  After taking a few months to recover, he returns to the Diablo Blanco Club, a BDSM establishment he has often visited over the years.  He intends to regain his control over his emotions there, through help from his longtime friend, Ben, and fulfill a promise to another friend at the same time.  Unfortunately, the secrets heís keeping make it harder to regain the control he craves, even under Benís whip.

Ben Murphy has been in love with his friend Vance for a while, but hasnít said anything.  After hearing about Vanceís injury, heís determined to share his feelings.  When Vance comes looking for the solace of Benís whip, Ben turns it into a challenge.  Will challenging Vance bring out the horrible secret thatís tearing him up inside, or drive him away from Ben forever?

Under Control is an emotional tale of the scars caused by the horrors of war, and the healing power of love.  If youíre looking for a light, fluffy story, Under Control is not the book for you.  Itís surprisingly dark in places, and Vanceís secret is truly horrificómaybe a bit too much so for my taste.  That said, I enjoyed the story.  Both Ben and Vance are sympathetic characters.  They both served their country in the Marine Corps, and together they dealt with being bisexual in the armed forces.  At times, Vanceís obsessive desire to be under control frustrated me a bit.  I could understand why he felt so terrible, but I still wanted to shake him out of his self-pity a couple of times.  I couldnít help but like Ben.  Heís caring, understanding, very hot, and willing to do whatever it takes to help Vance past whateverís troubling him.  Fans of military characters, BDSM, and stories of love helping someone heal after a tragedy will be sure to find Under Control an interesting and emotional read, as I did.


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