Touched by Light by Catherine Spangler

The Sentinels, Book 3



ISBN: 978-0425226377

Reviewed by Jo



Dr. Julia Reynolds has made a new life for herself after being brutally attacked and now has discovered her peace is about to be totally destroyed.  Julia has made herself a great career at the University of Houston.  But there is one effect from her attack that has brought her to the attention of the Sentinels, powerful reborn beings that protect Earth.  Julia doesn’t really want to deal with their leader either, but has found he is one person who won’t accept no for an answer.

Adam Masters is the Head Sentinel of this area and is actually a bit more than that.  He knows that Julia would love to turn away from him, but Adam also knows that she is his other half and is determined to prove it to her.  Unfortunately it will have to be done while they are figuring out why one of his men is missing in action and what is causing unusual deaths in the area. 

Julia is fighting herself almost as much as Adam in denying her attraction to him.  Being forced to travel with Adam and work on his project is another great reason to not want him – right?  If only her body would listen to her head and not the heart area.  Adam and Julia face their fiery passion and intense danger while looking for the missing Sentinel.  When the mission is accomplished, Julia is still fighting her passion and Adam.  Which might be why she took her attention off of the other danger, even deadlier to her that has been just waiting for a moment to attack.  Will Julia and Adam be able to fight off this other danger that threatens their love before it destroys all hope? 

What to do when you are threatened on two separate fronts?  Touched by Light brings Julia, a woman who’s life was damaged and forever changed by one horrific act and Adam a reborn and powerful Sentinel who wants to protect Julia even more than the Earth he is bound to.  The rocket fired often when Julia and Adam were together and it was easy for me to see that it wasn’t anger that was the cause.  I found Julia to be a really strong willed woman who gained my respect by what she had fought against.  Adam is alpha all the way and tries to overrule Julia often, only to find himself having to backtrack at times.  I was enthralled from the beginning with their story and didn’t really want it to end, even when it became apparent that just because they found their way, the arguments were not stopping anytime soon.  Just continued fireworks to keep life interesting for Julia and Adam.  Touched by Light keeps you on a triple loop roller coaster ride until the last page.  

While Touched by Light is part of a series, I had no problem reading it as a stand-alone and not feeling like I missed anything.  However I did look at the other two books in the series and will probably go back and check them out too.


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