To the Victor Goes the Spoils by Nia K. Foxx

Loose Id

Paranormal/Ménage/Shape shifter

ISBN: 978-1-59632-925-6

Reviewed by Tanya



Amanda Jo needs some serious time alone.  She is tired of everyone trying to tell her how to run her life.  This was why she joined the military in the first place, now it seems that she is expected to find a mate in her Pride’s shallow and self-indulgent male members.  So before she decides her fate she decides to take some time off alone in the Alaskan wilderness, what better place for a cat to let loose, get back to nature, and do some thinking.  What she doesn’t count on is that the area she has chosen happens to be in the middle of bear country.  While that normally might not be an issue it is when these particular bears are also shape shifters.

Now Amanda has two different bear Alpha’s trying to claim her as their mate.  She seems to have gone from the frying plan right into the bonfire.  She never expects the men to enact an ancient ritual, with her being the prize.  What will happen if she returns to civilization with a bear for a husband?  Especially now that someone seems to be threatening her Pride?

To the Victor Goes the Spoils is a fast paced and erotic shape shifter story.  I love how two modern day men (who happen to be shifters) decide to enact an ancient ritual to make Amanda choose one of them as a mate.  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire story from the Alaskan wilderness setting to their return to a major city.  Ms. Foxx also is able to aptly handle how two different shifter species are able to be mated.  If you are looking for something slightly different in a shape shifter or interracial romance then I think you too will thoroughly enjoy To the Victor Goes the Spoils.  This was my first romance by Ms. Foxx and it will not be my last.


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