The Next Step by Mychael Black


Erotic M/M BDSM

ISBN 978-1-60659-167-3

Reviewed by Nannette



Kale Daniels wants to tell his Master, Ian Vaughan, that he loves him. He’s afraid his feelings won’t be returned though. When Ian takes Kale to a new BDSM club, he gets more than a few new sexual experiences to go with his old favorite pleasures. Ian surprises him with a gift he would only offer to the man he loves.

The Next Step is a beautiful and erotic expression of Ian and Kale’s love. Even with all of the hot kinky sex, their love and devotion to each other shines through on every page. I was struck by the clear show of affection that underlies every kinky torment Ian gives Kale. Whether they are having a meal together or Ian is fisting or examining Kale, there is an obvious outpouring of love and respect between them. The Next Step is exactly what I wanted after Ian and Kale’s initial meeting in Onyx.


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