Servant: The Kindred by L.L. Foster

Servant, Book 3


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0-515-14690-5

Reviewed by Amelia



Paladin Gaby Cody has a duty to do Godís work on Earth, but things in her life are changing. Sheís now living with Det. Luther Cross, and finding the feelings she has for him are hindering her abilities to stay on target. Luther loves Gaby with all his heart, and he wants to protect her. Heís still not sure about all her abilities, but heís willing to trust her, even if itís a hard thing to do.


When an evil force in town is obviously into cannibalism and drinking blood, Gaby knows he has to be stopped. But there are two different ways to do it: her way, and Lutherís way. Will their differing viewpoints cause problems, or will they learn to work together to eliminate the evil in their town?


Servant: The Kindred is the third book in L.L. Fosterís series, and according to her website itís the last, which saddens me. This series is dark, gritty and doesnít pull any punches. Iíve enjoyed getting to know Gaby and Luther, and this last book, to me, was the best of them all, showing the way this couple blended together and how their lives changed with love. I hate the idea that the series is ending, just when two new characters have been added and my appetite has been whetted for more.


Gaby is a no-nonsense woman, who insists on following her calling. Still, sheís toned it down for Luther, and still manages to get done what needs to be done. I have always liked Lutherís character, and in this book he takes on a new dimension to me, learning to trust the woman he loves and teaching her how to love herself.


Servant: The Kindred is a dark urban fantasy that is sure to thrill lovers of hard-nosed stories. Still, it has enough tenderness in it to pull at heartstrings and endear characters to the reader. This book is a great addition to a series I hate to see ending. 


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