The Diary of Cozette by Amanda McIntyre


Erotic Historical

ISBN: 9780373605255

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Cozette is not your typical street urchin, fending for herself on the streets of London while she waits for her love to come find her.  As time goes on and he never arrives, Cozette does what it takes to survive until a chance encounter with a kind lady gives her a second chance.

Cozette is happy as a housemaid.  But as she falls in lust with a handsome lord, she discovers that she wants to take her pleasure where she can and enjoy every second of it, regardless of society or anyone else.  As others enter her life, she learns more about herself and her desires.

The Diary of Cozette is a beautifully written, lyrical story of lust and love.  Cozette is a completely sympathetic and wonderfully drawn character with an appreciation not just for sex and intimacy, but for life itself.  The secondary characters donít just float around her like satellites, but are fascinating people in their own rights.  I enjoyed how sweet and sexy the story is without falling into syrupy melodrama.  The Diary of Cozette was a wonderful, engaging and satisfying read, great for fans of romance and erotica alike.


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