Techno Thrall by Storm Grant

Lyrical Press

Futuristic (M/F)

Reviewed by Sabella



Detective Deyla Reckard hates technology with a passion and now with the proliferation of human looking robots she is further unnerved with every encounter with one.  Her current case, unfortunately, brings her up close and personal with a new breed of robot that is virtually undetectable as non-human.  As the case evolves, Deylaís Post Traumatic Stress Disorder starts creating problems to the point that she begins doubting her stability and her ability to do her job.  What will Deyla do if she is required to leave the Police force?

Techno Thrall is an intriguing read that spins a frightening outlook on a technological future.  I had a hard time relating to Deyla, as she doesnít really come across as a likeable character and her mysteries arenít really mysteries as they are easily figured out by any intuitive reader.  Also, the ending left a sour taste as it takes Dayla in a direction that, although not surprising, is somewhat dubious in terms of any sort of romance or humanity.  Pass up Techno Thrall as it isnít really an interesting read and it has a debatable ending that romance lovers might not like.


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