Submissive With Benefits by Reese Gabriel

Elloraís Cave

Erotic BDSM

ISBN 9781419923692

Reviewed by Nannette



Anabel has had it. Royce is a co-worker and a friend, but his moods change with the wind. One minute heís overprotective and the next heís pushing her away. Her attempt to get his attention backfires a bit when Royce takes notice. He takes control, too.

Royce is arrogant, and not in a dominant and Iím-in-charge way, but in an I-know-whatís-best-and-I-donít-care-how-you-feel way. Itís a little inconsiderate and insulting to Anabel. Her attitude for Royce flips like a switch. One minute sheís yelling at Royce and the next sheís melting for him. While the storyline is good, itís too fast-paced and considering itís Anabelís first Dominant/submissive relationship, things should move much more slowly. Submissive With Benefits is superficial, making it seem like Royce dabbles in BDSM rather than it being the lifestyle choice he claims it to be.


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